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After working in academia for many years, Anthony Bosco, Denise Anderson, Edgar Basto, and James Read were interested in combining the exciting discovery research performed in academia with a more agile, focused, and flexible way of working that is provided by a startup company. They approached Nick Bosco with a proposal to build a company that was designed by researchers to provide support for other researchers. 

Our mission is to provide innovative bioinformatics solutions and technologies that are scalable and obtain a much deeper understanding of disease. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers that are focused on delivering high impact, interdisciplinary science. In parallel, we want to create career opportunities for talented data scientists that are flexible and rewarding, and underpinned by a culture of innovation, creativity, and continual learning.

The team of experts behind INSiGENe

Mr. Nick Bosco

Grad Cert Mgmt

Managing Director

Management Executive with Business Development expertise


Successful business executive, experienced in business development, company operations, and financial management. He has an excellent track record in identifying, securing and delivering substantial contracts, up to $25M in value, within the Maritime, Oil, Gas and Mining industries, both locally and internationally. Nick’s focus is to provide an enjoyable workplace for the team, by developing an enviable company culture, whilst expanding the business internationally.

A/Prof Anthony Bosco


Founder and Systems Biology Lead

Internationally recognized expert in Systems Biology and Immunobiology


Associate Professor in Immunobiology with expertise in Systems Biology. Decades of experience leading innovative genomic studies in preclinical animal models, birth cohort studies, and clinical trials. Anthony has a strong track record in the therapeutic areas of respiratory diseases, allergy/immunology, and cancer immunotherapy.

Dr. Denise Anderson


Data Science Lead

Biostatistician and omics data analysis expert


Biostatistician and computational biologist with a background in genetics. She has significant experience in the analysis of large-scale omics studies such as genome-wide association studies (microarray and whole-exome sequencing), epigenome-wide association studies and gene expression studies (microarray, RNA-seq and single cell RNA-seq). Denise graduated from USYD with a Master of Biostatistics and from UWA with a PhD in computational biology.

Dr. James Read


Senior Data Analysis

Expertise in Immunology, multi-omics and single cell genomics


Systems biologist with a background in immunology and experience in multi-omic/single-cell RNA-Seq analysis, with a particular interest in decoding the complex immune mechanisms underlying childhood respiratory infections and disease.

Mr. Edgar Basto


R&D Engineer

Expertise in Biomathematics,
Biophysics and Data


Applied mathematician with emphasis in biomedical research. He has experience in High Performance Computing, bioinformatic pipelines and single cell RNA-seq analysis.

Dr. Bilal Wajid


Senior Data Scientist

Solving complex challenges with Data Science and Engineering


A seasoned data scientist, bioinformatician, engineer, and researcher. He has over 15 years of experience in machine learning, multi-omics studies, development of tools, multi-variate probabilistic analysis, and high-performance computing. Bilal is a solution architect ready to take up any challenge, any task, small or large.

Dr. Anya Jones


Senior Data Scientist

Decoding the immune system,
advocating for women
in science


Computational biologist with a background in systems immunology and multi-omic/single-cell RNA-Seq analysis. Anya has over 10 years’ experience researching allergies and inflammatory diseases, working with genomics studies in preclinical animal models and birth cohort studies. She is an avid science communicator and has joined some of the world’s brightest female scientists in the Homeward Bound Global Leadership program, to amplify the voices of women in science leadership. Anya graduated with a PhD in Systems Immunology from the University of Western Australia.

Dr. Sebastian Rauschert


Principal Data Scientist

Expert in Biological Data Science,
predictive modelling & reproducible analytics


Dr. Sebastian Rauschert is a seasoned data scientist and computational biologist, bringing over a decade of expertise in software development, data analysis, and technical leadership. Specializing in bioinformatics and data science, he adeptly analyzes large omics datasets, prioritizing reproducibility and extracting meaningful insights through the utilization of appropriate tools and methodologies such as e.g. statistics, predictive models and machine learning. Driven by a commitment to contributing to meaningful discoveries, he strives to remain at the forefront of innovation in his field.

Dr. Laura Harris


Senior Bioinformation

Award-winning biologist advancing
research through bioinformatics


Accomplished medical biologist and award-winning educator with over 20 years of diverse experience with expertise in infectious disease. Laura discovered her passion for bioinformatics research and established Harris Interdisciplinary Research specialising in next-generation sequencing -omics data meta-analysis, genome annotation improvement, and protein modelling. She currently maintains Adjunct Professor positions at several institutions while providing bioinformatics research and medical writing services worldwide.

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