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BaaS Project


This is best for teams requiring bioinformatics support for a one-off project or task. We will provide a quotation for bioinformatics support based on your requirements and the complexity of the analysis. We can assist with the following aspects as required:


  • Experimental design, including formulation of hypotheses, sample size calculations and randomisation
  • Selection of omics technologies to best answer research questions of interest
  • Quality control and pre-processing of omics data
  • Customised analysis using cutting edge methods that get the most out of your data
  • Regular meetings to discuss interim results
  • Fully reproducible workflows and reporting
  • High performance computing for big data and/or to expedite analyses
  • Interpretation of results
  • Interactive web application for user friendly viewing of results
  • Publication quality figures and writing of relevant sections of manuscript
  • Manuscript review and assistance with reviewer comments for up to 12 months after project completion
  • Submission of omics data to public repositories
  • Assistance with writing of grant funding applications

    BaaS Subscription (Pro)

    AUD$5,000 + GST per month

    This is best for teams requiring regular bioinformatics support. You will have weekly access to our research design team, a bioinformatician and our data interpretation team. We can assist with all aspects outlined in BaaS Project.


    How many months service will I require on the subscription plans?

    Our subscription plans are totally flexible and only require you to sign up for a month at a time. You can of course sign up for longer periods if you require regular ongoing support. This flexibility is intended to cater for ebbs and flows in your requirements for bioinformatics support.

    What are the advantages of using your service versus directly hiring a bioinformatician?

    It can be very difficult to hire a bioinformatician in the current marketplace, especially so if you can only offer short-term or part-time employment. We offer you total flexibility regarding the amount of time you can use our services. We can assist with projects requiring support for one day or for several months and we can accommodate ebbs and flows in your requirements. You are also gaining access to an experienced team with a proven track record in performing analysis and interpreting results for bioinformatics projects. Our experienced team has established pipelines that ensure we are able to produce high quality outputs in the shortest possible time.

    When can you start work on my project and how long will it take?

    In most cases we are ready to start work on your project within a week. Start and completion dates will be provided as part of our quotation for BaaS Projects. For BaaS subscriptions, we generally discuss with you the order of priority for projects and this can be adjusted as required.

    How do I get my data to you?

    We can provide you a link to upload data to us. If the data is very large, upload speeds may be prohibitive and in these cases it is best to courier us a hard drive containing the data.

    Is there flexibility to change the scope of the analysis once work has commenced?

    Yes, it is not uncommon to revise analysis plans after initial results are interpreted and as new cutting edge methodologies are released. We are more than happy to discuss and implement changes as required.

    Are you able to offer data interpretation across all scientific fields?

    We have a multidisciplinary team with expertise across a range of scientific fields, so we are well placed to offer data interpretation for most projects. Please see ‪INSiGENe Pty Ltd – ‪Google Scholar for a list of publications from members of our team. We also have access to a wide range of consultants who can provide interpretation in specialist areas if required.

    Can you develop a bioinformatics pipeline that we can directly use, rather than having analysis completed by your team?

    We can certainly develop a pipeline for your use, however this is not a common solution for various reasons. Firstly, it does take a considerable amount of time to develop a pipeline that is robust and suitably documented for your use, in comparison to us running our bioinformatics pipelines for analysis. Secondly, components of bioinformatics pipelines are quickly superseded by new versions or superior methods and changing these components will require bioinformatics support. We do provide full documentation and code for our analyses and this should be suitable in most instances if you want to perform your own analysis on a similar dataset.

    Should we list you as an author on publications?

    Our recommendation is to include relevant members of our team as authors where they meet the authorship criteria. At your request, we will make significant intellectual contributions to project conception and design, analysis and interpretation of data.


    Nick Bosco




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