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INSiGENe delivers customizable bioinformatics as a service (BaaS) support for your project driven by experts in Systems Biology and Biostatistics. Our BaaS services include end-to-end support from project conception through data dissemination (see figure below) depending on the needs of your specific project.

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INSiGENe BaaS support is available as a monthly subscription. There are 2 subscription plans – Pro and Premium. In addition to whole team access providing end-to-end support, the Pro plan comes with reproducible workflows with results delivered within months for typical projects. Premium subscriptions provide the same features as Pro plans but with increased bandwidth provided by two dedicated data analysts working on your project in parallel for expedited turnaround times.

Academic researchers  – Please contact us for a reduced fee.

Ready to overcome the data analysis bottleneck? Onboarding as a client with INSiGENe is a straightforward, 3-step process. We will provide a quote that is tailored to your requirements and timelines.

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